Chris Dancy - "The most connected human on Earth."

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Chris Dancy - "The most connected human on Earth."

What happens when the internet disappears?


Cyborg Rights, Truffle Dealers, and 3 More Must-Hear Podcasts

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Known As The Most Connected Man In The World Chris Dancy Connects To More Than 300 Devices Daily

Chris Dancy is the most connected man in the world. He has over 700 sensors that record every detail of his existence. The American Software developers life is only complete when hundreds of data is fed to him at all times simultaneously. He is named the most connected man on earth after spending four years connecting all the devices he adorns to every smart technology in his home.
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Chris Dancy, la Inner-Net y el humano más conectado del mundo

Para muchos quizás esté bastante loco pero su inteligencia para comprender, analizar y contextualizar datos y procesos seguramente esté muy por encima de la media, y de hecho sus argumentos son bastante íntegros. Chris decidió un buen día aprovechar la tecnología que tenemos disponible para registrar información y datos de todo lo que le sucede a él y todo lo que hay a su alrededor.
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40-Something Dude Asks for Music Recommendation, Redditors Point to the Algorithms

40 year old man asks for advice on good music. Reddit responds, with not an artist, but a service. I’ll go against the grain and say the biggest thing you’re missing isn’t some artist or genre but the medium in which you can discover good music. I have no idea what your taste is and knowing nothing about you I can’t recommend any artist but what I can do is recommend apps like to pandora and spotify.
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Dieser Mann trackt sogar sein Sexleben mit Technik

So wie wir es kennen, soll es das Internet bald nicht mehr geben. "Es verschwindet. Wir selbst werden zum Internet", erklärte der US-Amerikaner Chris Dancy, der rund um die Uhr mit dem Internet verbunden ist und alles, was er tut - selbst den Sex -, elektronisch mit Sensoren überwacht, bei der Veranstaltung "Digital Business Trends" in Wien.

Körper ist ein Mousepad

Das "sichtbare Internet" könnte es schon bald nicht mehr geben. "Es verschwindet. Unsere Körper werden zur digitalen Schnittstelle. Wir sind das Internet, unsere Freunde Webseiten und unsere Familienmitglieder Apps", erklärte der US-Amerikaner Chris Dancy, der praktisch rund um die Uhr über Sensoren und digitale Geräte "online" ist, bei einem VIP-Event der Plattform "Digital Business Trends" (DBT) gestern, Donnerstag, in Wien.
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Mon appli santé veille sur moi

Les Americains raffolent des objets connectés qui leur livrent en temps réel une foule d'informations sur leur état physique. À la veille de la sortie de l'Apple iWatch, ce goût semble parfois proche de l'obsession... Une visite à Disneyland n'est pas de tout repos pour qui tient si bien les comptes de sa vie : "Nous sommes arrivés à 8 heures et avons passé quinze heures sur place.
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A Smartwatch App That Lets Your Boss Track You Constantly

Kris Duggan is building a social smartwatch app that lets your boss track your quantified self. That may sound like a Silicon Valley send-up. But it’s the real thing. Today, Duggan and his 18-month-old startup, BetterWorks, announced that this wearable app would arrive in the summer, bringing their corporate-goal-setting service to the much-anticipated Apple Watch.
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Winter Is Coming For Wearables

Remember wearables? Those wristbands and glasses that were going to take over our lives? This time last year, many of us had high hopes that 2014 was (finally) going to be the year of the wearable. The wearables revolution didn’t come to pass in 2014, and it’s not going to happen in 2015, either.
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How to Represent a Year in Numbers

As the calendar turns over to a new year it’s useful to look back and see what the last 365 days has been all about. Looking back is always easier when you have something to look back on, and no surprise here self-tracking can be a great help when you’re trying to figure out how things went. That’s what makes this time of year so interesting for someone like myself.
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Wearable tech could turn us into navel-gazing slaves to the smartwatch

Were you to wander around Las Vegas this week you’d be in for a surprise – the usual office-weary conference goers have been replaced by the sparkling spectacle of technology replete with Silicon Valley hotshots, super-fast 3D printers and hovering drones. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the largest electronics trade show in the world where many of the latest consumer gadgets get their first public outing.
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The first thing I do every morning is take my phone, wedged carefully beneath my pillow, and check my sleep stats. They’re tracked, in a weirdly calming graph of blue-blacks, within an app called Sleep Cycle, where I’ve used them to feel very, very good about the sleep habits of a thirtysomething, childless journalist.
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Chris Dancy - "The most connected human on Earth."

Chris Dancy has been featured on the cover of Businessweek's 'Global Tech', Fox News, NPR, BBC, TechCrunch, Mashable, Wired, TED and has a 2016 SHOWTIME special dedicated to his life as 'The Most Connected Human on Earth.'

For 25 years, he has been serving in many leadership roles in technology and healthcare. He is currently employed as Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President at Healthways, Inc.

A noted keynote speaker and executive workshop retreat facilitator, Chris guides organizations and audiences on a journey into the future of computing, when behavior becomes the interface. A disruptive, breathtaking journey that leaves the audience spellbound.

Chris entered the public dialog concerning digital health as the media started to focus on wearable technology. He is known for utilizing up to 700 sensors, devices, applications, and services to track, analyze, and optimize as many areas of his life.

This quantification enables him to see the connections of otherwise invisible data, resulting in dramatic upgrades to his health, productivity, and quality of life.

Known as 'The World’s Most Connected Human,' he travels extensively, speaking and consulting on topics related to digital health, quantified self, contemplative technology, wearables and internet of things.

“Chris Dancy is you, just a few years from now"



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