Chris Dancy - "The most connected human on Earth."

Mindful Cyborg

Brentwood, TN

Chris Dancy - "The most connected human on Earth."

What happens when the internet disappears?


Biohakkeri on kytkettynä 800 laitteeseen

Biohakkeri on kytkettynä 800 laitteeseen Terveystietojen mittaaminen älylaitteilla yleistyy koko ajan. Tapasimme Suomessa vierailevan biohakkerin, jota kutsutaan maailman kytketyimmäksi mieheksi. Link to Story

Sociala monster Säsong 1 - Avsnitt 6

Del 1 av 6. Äkta eller inte, spelar det någon roll när vi klickar, lajkar och delar på sociala medier? Programledaren Jens von Reis undersöker gränslandet mellan fejk och autentiskt. Han träffar personerna bakom två superviraler, "Debbie loves cats" och "Double Rainbow". I veckans experiment skapar journalisten Andrev Walden och psykologiforskaren Armita Golkar en arrangerad bild med paret Sanna Lundell och Mikael Persbrandt.

Se världens mest uppkopplade man - 700 sensorer på kroppen

Chris Dancy har 700 sensorer på sin kropp. Här visar han Per Skoglund några av dem - bland annat en liten dator inne i huden. Om Nyhetsmorgon: Börja dagen med Nyhetsmorgon! Under varje morgon, hela veckan, alla dagar året om, bjuds det på det senaste från nyhets -och nöjesvärlden. Låt oss guida dig igenom det mest aktuella just nu!
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Verdens mest opkoblede mand i Danmark

Amerikaneren Chris Dancy måler og registrerer alt hvad han laver. Langt de fleste af os måler os selv på den eller anden måde i løbet af en dag - om det så er en løbetur, en tur på badevægten eller noget helt tredje. Men for nogle er det ikke nok med lidt tilfældig data hist og her - de sætter selvmålingen i system og bruger det i høj grad til at justere deres måde at leve på.
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The Most Connected Human

Chris Dancy uses up to 700 sensors, devices and applications at all time to track, analyze, and optimize as many areas of his life. As a "mindful cyborg", numbers run his days and data upgrades his digital health. This might just be you, only a few years from now...
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Showtime -Dark Net- Upgraded, The Chris Dancy Story

Showtime has greenlit a new unscripted series, which will delve into the ominous and disturbing perspective of a digitally connected world. “Dark Net” is set to premiere on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 11:00 p.m. The eight-part docuseries explores the netherworld where virtual and physical lives collide in ways surprising, disturbing and seemingly inevitable.
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CST de NTN24 habló con Chris Dancy, 'el hombre más conectado del mundo'

El programa CST de NTN24 entrevistó a Chris Dancy, ‘el hombre más conectado del mundo', quien relató cómo la tecnología se ha convertido en un ingrediente diario en su vida. "Yo me levanto y hay sensores en toda mi habitación", expresó Dancy desde Denver, EE.UU., quien además señaló que cualquier actividad que él realice "queda registrada".
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Maggs on Media || The most connected man in the world Part 2

He’s been called the most connected man on earth – a South African television exclusive with the engaging and somewhat eccentric Chris Dancy. We’ll find out how technology has changed his life and what marketers and brands can learn from him.
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Maggs on Media || The most connected man in the world Part 1

Chris Dancy refers to himself as the world’s most connected man. He calls himself a data cartographer, wearing numerous technologies on his person which he claims provides him with a wealth of personal data that impacts how he is living his life. Obviously all of this is or should be of great interest to brands and marketers who continue to search for unique human insight which ultimately impacts on how we engage with product and service.
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Turn & Burn: A Firsthand Look at How Google Glass (and Other Wearable Tech) Could Change the Foodservice Industry [VIDEO]

Welcome to Foodable WebTV Network,, where you can get all your food news, restaurant news, industry news, and technology news as it relates to restaurants and the hospitality industry. More specifically, our Foodable blogs elaborate on foodservice trends, restaurant technology, chefs, fast casual news, fine dining news, casual dining news, QSR news, restaurant innovations, mobile in restaurants, and findings about Millennials and consumer behavior.
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Is Chris Dancy the Most Quantified Self in America?

Ask Chris Dancy what he ate on Aug. 11 of last year, and he can tell you (Chick-fil-A). He can also tell you about the weather that day (83F), what music he listened to (Kelly Clarkson’s Walk Away), how many e-mails he sent (21), how long he slept (8 hours and 35 minutes), how many steps he took (8,088), and when he took his dogs to the park (1:04 p.m.).
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TEC: Conoce a Chris Dancy, el hombre más conectado del mundo

Chris Dancy es un ingeniero informático estadounidense de 45 años que ha sido presentado en los más importantes medios de comunicación como el ser humano más ciberconectado del planeta. Este carismático ha llegado a estar conectado al mismo tiempo a unos 700 dispositivos, sensores, aplicaciones y sistemas que monitorean, analizan y optimizan absolutamente todo sobre su vida diaria, durante los 365 días del año.
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Chris Dancy - "The most connected human on Earth."

Chris Dancy has been featured on the cover of Businessweek's 'Global Tech', Fox News, NPR, BBC, TechCrunch, Mashable, Wired, TED and has a 2016 SHOWTIME special dedicated to his life as 'The Most Connected Human on Earth.'

For 25 years, he has been serving in many leadership roles in technology and healthcare. He is currently employed as Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President at Healthways, Inc.

A noted keynote speaker and executive workshop retreat facilitator, Chris guides organizations and audiences on a journey into the future of computing, when behavior becomes the interface. A disruptive, breathtaking journey that leaves the audience spellbound.

Chris entered the public dialog concerning digital health as the media started to focus on wearable technology. He is known for utilizing up to 700 sensors, devices, applications, and services to track, analyze, and optimize as many areas of his life.

This quantification enables him to see the connections of otherwise invisible data, resulting in dramatic upgrades to his health, productivity, and quality of life.

Known as 'The World’s Most Connected Human,' he travels extensively, speaking and consulting on topics related to digital health, quantified self, contemplative technology, wearables and internet of things.

“Chris Dancy is you, just a few years from now"



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