Chris Dancy - "The most connected human on Earth."

Mindful Cyborg

Brentwood, TN

Chris Dancy - "The most connected human on Earth."

What happens when the internet disappears?


Biohakkeri on kytkettynä 800 laitteeseen

Biohakkeri on kytkettynä 800 laitteeseen Terveystietojen mittaaminen älylaitteilla yleistyy koko ajan. Tapasimme Suomessa vierailevan biohakkerin, jota kutsutaan maailman kytketyimmäksi mieheksi. Link to Story

Sociala monster Säsong 1 - Avsnitt 6

Del 1 av 6. Äkta eller inte, spelar det någon roll när vi klickar, lajkar och delar på sociala medier? Programledaren Jens von Reis undersöker gränslandet mellan fejk och autentiskt. Han träffar personerna bakom två superviraler, "Debbie loves cats" och "Double Rainbow". I veckans experiment skapar journalisten Andrev Walden och psykologiforskaren Armita Golkar en arrangerad bild med paret Sanna Lundell och Mikael Persbrandt.

Así es la vida del hombre más conectado del mundo

Todos sufrimos un amigo (virtual) de esos que comparten su vida en las redes sociales. Conocemos sus rutinas de ejercicio, las delicias gastronómicas que degustan, las ciudades que visitan, las cucamonas que les dedican sus hijos, incluso la cara que tienen al despertar antes del primer café. Los hay chistosos, imitadores de Paulo Coelho, analistas políticos y sosias de Ferrán Adriá.
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The Most Connected Human

Chris Dancy uses up to 700 sensors, devices and applications at all time to track, analyze, and optimize as many areas of his life. As a "mindful cyborg", numbers run his days and data upgrades his digital health. This might just be you, only a few years from now...
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#LDS15 VIDEO: “Put the Internet Into Products — Not Products on the Internet”

“How we use these devices and how we examine our behavior is really important, because your life is now officially a platform. And if your life is a platform, how you live your life is going to become very important.”. That was Chris Dancy, a technologist and extreme life-hacker, during a presentation at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit earlier this month.
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The next familiar

Using a speculative design foresight approach, this study explores the rapidly developing area of wearable, implantable and ingestible technologies, and how they might influence us over the next several decades to the 2040s.
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Does being connected cost us our Humanity? | Chris Dancy | TEDxVienna

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. With our lives digitized, connected and stored, are we losing personal growth and perspective? Everything is connected via time, identity and ownership forcing people into the cult of the busy and the soul sucking void of the relentless now.
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GroupM What's Next – Chris Dancy

You're viewing YouTube in English (US). You can change this preference below. 20:48 GroupM What's Next – David Kenny, Mike Shields by GroupM Next No views. 25:36 GroupM What's Next – Josh Linkner by GroupM Next 1 view. 18:16 GroupM What's Next – Emily White, Jessi Hempel by GroupM Next No views. 18:03 GroupM What's Next – Glenn Otis Brown by GroupM Next No views.
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The Most Connected Man Is You, Just a Few Years From Now

Chris Dancy, the self-described "most connected guy in the world," reclines in a throne in the corner of his home office. The walls around him are a scrapbook of his life, pinned with foreign currency, concert tickets and pictures of his icons, like Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol. In between stories of his travels, he mentions his newfound Internet fame.
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Maggs on Media || The most connected man in the world Part 2

He’s been called the most connected man on earth – a South African television exclusive with the engaging and somewhat eccentric Chris Dancy. We’ll find out how technology has changed his life and what marketers and brands can learn from him.
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Maggs on Media || The most connected man in the world Part 1

Chris Dancy refers to himself as the world’s most connected man. He calls himself a data cartographer, wearing numerous technologies on his person which he claims provides him with a wealth of personal data that impacts how he is living his life. Obviously all of this is or should be of great interest to brands and marketers who continue to search for unique human insight which ultimately impacts on how we engage with product and service.
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Gabriel's Lyre the Movie - Gabriel's Lyre by Simon Ludgate

Teaser staring Chris Dancy. Writer and director Simon Ludgate presents Gabriel’s Lyre, a film project which is destined to become a global breakthrough project in 2015. Profoundly evil powers with a global reach are gathering in the deepest recesses of an eerie castle in the Scottish Highlands. Gareth, a highly-intelligent young man facing the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair, arrives at the castle for a vacation with his troubled parents and their closest friends. Plunged into a terrifying ordeal, the extraordinary nature of the castle’s strange secrets are brutally thrust on all of them. Gareth’s sanity and the complex passions surrounding him are challenged to breaking point in a supernatural game of cat and mouse as the world spirals into the greatest crisis it has ever faced.
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Chris Dancy - "The most connected human on Earth."

Chris Dancy has been featured on the cover of Businessweek's 'Global Tech', Fox News, NPR, BBC, TechCrunch, Mashable, Wired, TED and has a 2016 SHOWTIME special dedicated to his life as 'The Most Connected Human on Earth.'

For 25 years, he has been serving in many leadership roles in technology and healthcare. He is currently employed as Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President at Healthways, Inc.

A noted keynote speaker and executive workshop retreat facilitator, Chris guides organizations and audiences on a journey into the future of computing, when behavior becomes the interface. A disruptive, breathtaking journey that leaves the audience spellbound.

Chris entered the public dialog concerning digital health as the media started to focus on wearable technology. He is known for utilizing up to 700 sensors, devices, applications, and services to track, analyze, and optimize as many areas of his life.

This quantification enables him to see the connections of otherwise invisible data, resulting in dramatic upgrades to his health, productivity, and quality of life.

Known as 'The World’s Most Connected Human,' he travels extensively, speaking and consulting on topics related to digital health, quantified self, contemplative technology, wearables and internet of things.

“Chris Dancy is you, just a few years from now"



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